Agriculture Department

The Department of Agriculture in its present set up is functioning from 1987 for the overall development of agriculture sector in the state


The vision of the Department is to achieve self-sufficiency in food production through improved agricultural productivity of agricultural produce.


The Mission of Department is to support agriculture in a sustainable and suitable manner to provide livelihood protection.

The mission of the Department is as follows:

Safeguard the interest of farmers, ensure food and nutritional security and support Kerala’s agricultural economy
Achieve targeted growth rate for agriculture sector by successful implementation of various schemes
Protect farmers from risk through risk management cover and from unfair and deceptive business practices.
Set up investment in agriculture.
Ensure the safety of agricultural products by ensuring supply of quality agricultural inputs.
Conserve and protect the state’s agricultural and natural resources by promoting environmental safe agricultural practices.

  1. Rice Development

    In the rice development scheme major thrust is given for the promotion of fallow land cultivation and group based paddy promotion concentrated in the major rice growing tracts of the state.

    The ultimate objective would be to increase the area under rice to 3 lakhs ha by the end of 13th five year Plan. The financial assistance is released to Padasekkara Samities based on a transparent criterion for promoting group farming .

  2. Vegetable Development

    To achieve self sufficiency in vegetables production covering an integrated approach with physical targets at Panchayat level. The activities include promotion of homestead and terrace vegetable cultivation through urban clusters by supplying growbags, commercial field cultivation of vegetable on cluster basis, vegetable seed production and distribution, supply of vegetable seedlings, promotion of Institutional Vegetable garden, promotion of rain shelter cultivation, support to Block Level Federated organizations etc.

    The Department will organize campaign at block level and Panchayat level for vegetable development with the support of farmers groups and panchayats.

  3. Development of Pulses and Tubers

    The Development of Pulses would be undertaken with a view to augment the area and production under pulses crops viz. cowpea, and others in is the garden lands as well as in 3rd crop rice padasekharam.

  4. Coconut Development

    The objective is to increase production and productivity through the activities such as integrated pests and disease management ,integrated Nutrient Management, promotion of inter cultivation, improving irrigation facilities, promote value addition, ensure availability of quality planting materials and employment generation. Application of lime, micro and secondary nutrients will be ensured.

  5. Development of Spices

    Spice crops accounts for a predominant position in the agricultural economy of the state. Revival of production of spices is essential to improve the livelihood of people as well as to the improve foreign exchange earnings.
    Pepper rehabilitation programmes, area expansion of ginger, turmeric, pure/intercropping of nutmeg and clove is also included under the programme.

  6. Hi-Tech Agriculture

    Poly houses with low cost technology have been employed successfully to grow vegetables round the year. It is proposed to support construction of new poly houses through Krishi bhavans in special Agricultural zones in vegetables and flowers, providing technical support for revitalising poly houses and capacity building.