The Scheduled Caste population as per 1991 census is 81970 which is 7.65%
of the total population of the District.

The Scheduled Caste people in the district are -

  • Mavilan

  • Vettuvan

  • Mogar

  • Pulayan

  • Chakliyas

  • Nalikedaya

  • Vannan

  • Malayan

  • Velan

Major portion of the Scheduled Caste people are very poor and illiterate and they are always subjected to exploitation. Most of this people are agricultural labourers. For the uplift and development of these peoples government and several Social and Cultural institutions are implementing various schemes. The Scheduled Caste peoples have their own customs and rituals.

District Development Office for SCs at Collectorate provides Educational Concessions to S.Cs, O.E.Cs, and S.E.B.Cs, and also the developmental activities for SCs.

Recognised S.C Colonies - 403 nos.

I.H.D.P Colonies - 53 nos.

Ambedkar Gramas - 6 nos.